Model Contest Winners

YOUNG MODELERS (age 12 and under)
All Types/eras 1st V-2 Rocket Matthew Kupka Lakeway
  2nd Scooby Dog Mystery Machine Daniel Robson  
  3rd Dewoitine 520 Sharon Ibarra Austin

201: Box Stock 1st Ki-61 Tony Lee Forbes San Antonio
  2nd Mustang III Richard Kern Houston
  3rd P-35 Don Capone Waxahachie
202: Scratchbuilt / Vacuform 1st Ki-109Q Lee Forbes San Antonio
  2nd Blackburn Firebrand Lee Forbes San Antonio
  3rd Tornado Mk.I Lee Forbes San Antonio
203: Civilian 1st P-51D Mustang Richard Kern Houston
211: Rotary Wings 1st RAH-66 Comanche Richard Kern Houston
221: Biplane & AC with Struts, Fabric or Rigging 1st Albratros D.V Ron O’Neal Round Rock
  2nd Curtiss R3C-2 Tim Robb San Marcos
  3rd Kristofferson 1912 Pusher Sean Glaspell Justin
231: 1/144th & Smaller 1st Me.262B Ben Morton San Marcos
  2nd Ki-48 Lilly Rick Warring San Antonio
  3rd A6M2-N Rufe Rick Warring San Antonio
241: 1/32nd Props 1st Fw.190 D9 Gary Smith Spring
  2nd Spitfire Mk.IA Larry Clark Austin
  3rd Fiat G-55 Rick Cotton Houston
242: 1/32nd Jets 1st Me.262 Ron O’Neal Round Rock
  2nd AV-8A Harrier Steve McNaughton Waco
  3rd F-15E Pete Lietz Houston
251: 1/72nd Small Props 1st B-2 Bill Cronk Palestine
  2nd P-400 Airacobra Ron McCracken Austin
  3rd Spitfire Mk.V Ron McCracken Austin
252: 1/72nd Large Props 1st P2V-5 Neptune Pat Rourke Austin
  2nd Me.410 Lee Forbes San Antonio
  3rd G3M1 “Nell” John Pouch San Angelo
253: 1/72nd Jets 1st Gloster Whittle Lee Forbes San Antonio
  2nd A-7E Corsair II Richard Kern Houston
  3rd J8M1 Lee Forbes San Antonio
261: 1/48th Axis Small Props 1st J7W1 Bill Cronk Palestine
  2nd Ki-44 Tim Robb San Marcos
  3rd He.100D Rob Booth Ingram
262a: 1/48th Allied Small Props (Radial) 1st F4U-5N Corsair Richard Kern Houston
  2nd P-47D Tim Robb San Marcos
  3rd P-47 Bruce Wadkins Lewisville
262b: 1/48th Allied Small Props (Inline) 1st P-39Q Airacobra John Pouch San Angelo
  2nd P-51B Tim Robb San Marcos
  3rd Typhoon Mk.IB Rob Booth Ingram
263: 1/48th Large Props 1st Do.335 Ed Rains Houston
  2nd Avro Lancaster Gary Fuller San Antonio
  3rd Me.410 Rob Booth Ingram
264: 1/48th Jets 1st F-16C Viper Richard Kern Houston
  2nd F/A-22 Raptor Rob Booth Ingram
  3rd Me.262 Tim Robb San Marcos

301: Box Stock 1st Panther (Late) James Sharp McKinney
  2nd Ersatz M-10 Pat Rourke Austin
  3rd Matilda Mk.III/IV Jorge Aduna San Antonio
311: 1/72nd and Smaller 1st M1A1 Abrams Allen Kristof College Station
  2nd King Tiger Carlos Arvizu Monterrey, MM
  3rd T-34 Carlos Entenza Houston
331: Armored Cars & Personnel Carriers 1st SdKfz 7/2 James Sharp McKinney
  2nd Sdkfz 251 Ausf.D Vince Barrale Houston
  3rd Jeep Willys Oscar Perez Austin
332: Artillery 1st Pak 96/97 James Sharp McKinney
  2nd Towed German Howitzer Gary Beetly Austin
  3rd Krupp 12.8cm K-44 AT Gun Ken Miner Live Oak
333: Open Topped & Self Propelled AFVs 1st Ostwind Pat Rourke Austin
  2nd Befehksjager 38 Ausf.M Tom Moon Houston
  3rd Bison II Richard Hanna Mesquite
334: Soft Skins 1st HUMMVEE Gun Michael Picard Schertz
  2nd ZiS-44 Ambulance Pat Rourke Austin
  3rd M35A2 Michael Haan Killeen
335: Fully Tracked, Origins to 1959, Single Color 1st Panzer III Joe Hillard Buda
  2nd Marine Sherman Michael Picard Schertz
  3rd Panther A Joe Hillard Buda
336: Fully Tracked, Origins to 1959, Multi Color 1st Panzer IV F2 Miles Peveto Aubrey
  2nd Char B-1 Richard Hanna Mesquite
  3rd Free French Samoua S-35 Richard Hanna Mesquite
337: Fully Tracked, 1960 to Present 1st T-72M1 Kevin Galler Houston
  2nd Centurion Joe Hillard Buda
  3rd T-122 Egyptian Tank Miles Peveto Aubrey

401: Box Stock 1st Ferrari 288 GTO Russell Wells Spring
  2nd 2009 Dodge Viper Jason Herring Killeen
402: Street Rod (1959 & Earlier) 1st 34 Ford Bruce Foster Spicewood
  2nd 32 Ford Roadster Bruce Foster Spicewood
403: Street Machine (1951 & Later) 1st 2006 GTO Terry Schmid Spring
404: Factory/Showroom Stock 1st Audi R8 Russell Wells Spring
  2nd C6 Corvette Russell Wells Spring
405: Competition 1st Corvette C6-R Russell Wells Spring
  2nd Corvette C6-R Stephen Stoner Temple
  3rd Ferrari 312 F1 William Keller Temple
406: Commercial Vehicles & Light Trucks 1st 57 Chevy Flat Bed Bruce Foster Spicewood
  2nd 69 White Freightliner Sam Ibarra Cedar Park
407: 1/32nd and Smaller 1st Autocoast Ti-22 Mike Stucker Sugarland
  2nd Wildcat-Offy Mike Stucker Sugarland
  3rd 1970 Dodge Challenger Mike Stucker Sugarland
408: Curbside 1st Citroen Pat Rourke Austin
  2nd 49 Ford Custom Orbie McFarland Austin
409: Custom 1st 73 Corvette Concept Terry Schmid Houston
  2nd Monkee Mobile Bruce Foster Spicewood

511: Large Surface Naval Ships (≥ 1/500th) 1st IJN Shokaku Rick Cotton Houston
  2nd USS England Rick Cotton Houston
  3rd PBR Michael Fowle Houston
512: Small Surface Naval Ships (< 1/500th 1st IJN Soryu Rick Warring San Antonio
  2nd HMS Onslow Rick Warring San Antonio
  3rd IJN Kitakami Rick Warring San Antonio
521: Submarines  1st Victor Class Sub  Carlos Entenza Houston

601: Sci Fact Spacecraft, Land and Research Vehicles 1st North American X-15A-2 Richard Kern Houston
610: Sci Fi Land, Sea Vehicles and Suits 1st Battlezone Vince Barrale Houston
  2nd Maschinen Krieger Forg Jonathan Compton San Angelo
  3rd Warhammer Attack Bike Dean Starlin Buda
611: Sci Fi Flying and Space Vehicles 1st Blight Drone of Nurgle Chance Wood College Station
  2nd T.I.E. Fighter Vince Barrale Houston
  3rd Klingon Bird of Prey Stephen Stoner Temple

701: Painters Division Gold Panzer Officer Großdeutschland Henry Núňez San Antonio
  Gold Solider Earl of Surrey Gilbert Moreno San Antonio
  Gold Fallschirmjäger Darren Tice Round Rock
  Silver French Lancer 1812 Kevin Delashmit Round Rock
  Silver Duelist Bob Bethea Austin
  Silver Retreat From Moscow Dean Starlin Buda
  Silver WWI German Bust Gary Beetly Round Rock
  Bronze Color Sgt Zulu War Kevin Thorton San Angelo
  Bronze Elvin Champion Jonathan Compton San Angelo
702: Open Division Gold Tres Lobos Dave Schmidt San Antonio
  Gold Plan of Attack Henry Núňez San Antonio
  Gold Onondaga Warrior Darren Tice Round Rock
  Silver Boonie Rat James O’Leary Weatherford
  Bronze Half Orc Vince Barrale Houston
  Bronze SS Stormtrooper Michael Picard Schertz
  Bronze SS MG42 Team Bill Menzie Austin
  Bronze Tlinget Warrior Guinnar Lindfor Pflugerville

801: Collections 1st Warhammer Mercenary Dean Starlin Buda
  2nd WWII German Camo Dean Starlin Buda
  3rd Warhammer Knights Dean starlin Buda
802: Triathlon 1st Infantry Collection Dean Starlin Buda
  2nd Ship, Aircraft & Armor Rick Warring San Antonio

902: Armor Diorama 1st Field Kitchen & Horse Drawn Wagon Oscar Perez Austin
  2nd Stalin’s Stallion Shawn Merrell Austin
  3rd Egyptian T-55 Lyn Julian San Antonio
903: Automotive Diorama 1st What Are You Looking At? Pendejo! Carlos Entenza Houston
  2nd Gone Fishing Joe Ramirez San Antonio
  3rd Car Show Joe Ramirez San Antonio
904: Figures Diorama 1st Terror Of The Seas Bob Bethea Austin
  2nd Hot Chow James O’Leary Weatherford
  3rd USMC Tarawa Darren Tice Round Rock
905: Watercraft Diorama 1st Keeping An Eye On Oscar Carlos Entenza Houston
  2nd PBR on Patrol: Brown Water Navy, Vietnam Kevin Thornton San Angelo
  3rd They Were Expendables Carlos Entenza Houston

1002: Mechanical & Structural 1st Hollywood Panzer Jorge Aduna San Antonio
  2nd Bofors 40mm Royal Navy Art Nickolson San Antonio
  3rd T-34/85 Tochka Sean Glaspell Justin

JUNIORS (age 13 to 17)
1102: Armor 1st Skirt Armor Is For Woosies Walt Pierce Houston
  2nd BMP-2 Daniel Savana San Antonio
1103: Automotive 1st Red 68 GT Mustang Gabrielle Sifventes Converse
1104: Figure, Ship & Diorama 1st Rage! (I have it) Walt Pierce Houston
  2nd He Didn’t See Me, Right? Walt Pierce Houston
  3rd Pirate Ship Angela Gonzalez McAllen

Judges Best Of Show: Tres Lobos – David Schmidt, San Antonio