Model Contest Winners
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101-YOUNG MODELERS (Make & Take)
1st: Sharon Ibarra P-51 Mustang
2nd: Kathryn Ibarra Spitfire
102-YOUNG MODELERS (Beginners: age 6 & under)
1st: Matthew Kupka Chevy Police Cruiser
2nd: Matthew Kupka F-105 Thunderchief
3rd: Matthew Kupka  Velociraptor
103-YOUNG MODELERS (Pre-Teen: age 7-12)
1st: Kolby Soefje  1932 Ford Snap-tile
202-AIRCRAFT (Box Stock)
1st: Richard Kern P-47D Thunderbolt
2nd: Don Capone Moraine Saulnier N-1
3rd: Richard Kern SBD-3 Dauntless
203-AIRCRAFT (Scratch-built / Vacuforms)
1st: Tim Wallace Kono Jiang-1 (B-29)
2nd: Phil Brandt Martin Mercator
204-AIRCRAFT (Civilian, all types/eras/scales)
1st: Tim Robb Corben Super Ace
2nd: Tim Robb Republic RC-3 Seabee
3rd: Mike Gilsbach Boeing 747-100
210-AIRCRAFT (Military, 1/144 scale and smaller)
1st: Milton Bell P-47D
2nd: Milton Bell Fw.190D-9
3rd: Rick Warring G4M1 Betty
221-AIRCRAFT (Small Prop, 1/72 scale, single engine or up to 50' wingspan)
1st: Lee Forbes Fw.190-V1
2nd: Ron McCracken Brewster 339D Buffalo
3rd: Richard Kern XP-47
222-AIRCRAFT (Large Prop, 1/72 scale, multi-engine or greater than 50' wingspan)
1st: Rick Herrington Ju.88C-6
2nd: Richard Kern OV-10D Bronco
3rd: Ron McCracken Lockheed C-40
223-AIRCRAFT (Jets, 1/72 scale, all types/eras)
1st: Milton Bell Horten Flying Wing
2nd: Richard Kern F-16XL Fighting Falcon
3rd: Richard Kern B-57B Canberra
231a-AIRCRAFT (Allied Small Prop, 1/48 scale, single in-line engine or up to 50' wingspan)
1st: Richard Seay A-36
2nd: Larry Clark Hawk 81-A2
3rd: Milton Bell Yak-7
231b-AIRCRAFT (Allied Small Prop, 1/48 scale, single radial engine or up to 50' wingspan)
1st: Tim Robb OS2U-3 Kingfisher
2nd: Milton Bell I-16 
3rd: Boyd Waechter F2G-2 Corsair
232-AIRCRAFT (Axis Small Prop, 1/48 scale, single engine or up to 50' wingspan)
1st: Brad Perry A6M2N "Rufe"
2nd: Richard Seay Bf.109F
3rd: Dave Orloff A6M3 HAMP
233-AIRCRAFT (Large Prop, 1/48 scale, multi-engine or greater than 50' wingspan)
1st: Michael Haan Grumman Avenger
2nd: Randy Barnes TB-25K
3rd: Larry Clark P-38J
234a-AIRCRAFT (Jets, 1/48 scale, before 1960, all types/eras)
1st: John Pouch He.162 Salamander
2nd: Stewart Brouillette Yak-15 "Feather"
3rd: Bruce Jenkins Yak-15
234b-AIRCRAFT (Jets, 1/48 scale, after 1960, all types/eras)
1st: Matthew Neerman F-16CJ Block 50
2nd: Matthew Neerman F-15A Eagle Mass ANG
3rd: Tim Robb A-4F Skyhawk
240-AIRCRAFT (Prop, 1/32 scale, all types/eras)
1st: Dave Orloff I-16 
2nd: Tim Wallace P-39D
3rd: Ed Rains P-40E
241-AIRCRAFT (Jets, 1/32 scale, all types/eras)
1st: Ion Tesu MiG-21 Lancer
2nd: Randy Barnes Grumman TA-9J
3rd: Tim Wallace MiG-17
250-AIRCRAFT (Rotary Wings, all scales/types/eras)
1st: Tony Morgan RAF Chinook 
2nd: Steve McNaughton Bell OH-13
3rd: Peter Lietz AH-64D Longbow Apache
260-AIRCRAFT (Biplane, all scales/types/eras)
1st: Mark Fiedler Boeing P-12E
2nd: Don Capone Nieuport N-17
302-ARMOR (Box Stock)
1st: Matthew Neerman   Panther G Steel Wheel
2nd: Jorge Aduna   Panzer III N
3rd: Pat Rourke  Panzer III J
303-ARMOR (Scratchbuilt)
1st: Hugo Garcia   U-Boat 105mm
2nd: Hugo Garcia  U-Boat 37mm
310-ARMOR (1/72 Scale and Smaller)
1st: Bill Johnson M4A3E8
2nd: Bill Johnson  AAV7
3rd: Bill Johnson   M36 Jackson
320-ARMOR (1/48 Scale)
1st: Eric Choy Sherman III
2nd: Shawn Merrell  M10 Tank Destroyer
3rd: Richard Seay Jagdpanzer Elefant
330-ARMOR (Armored Cars and APCs, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Russ Holm   Autoblenda AB41
2nd: Tom Ferris   SdKfz 251 Ambulance
3rd: Bill Johnson M2 Halftrack
331-ARMOR (Artillery, Towed & Carriage Mounted, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Pat Rourke PaK-N-Stein (PaK88)
2nd: Richard Seay   French 8" Howitzer
3rd: Lyn Julian Flak 88
332-ARMOR (Open Topped Vehicles & Open Topped SPA, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Lyn Julian 8-ton Halftrack
2nd: Carey McGaw M12
3rd: Michael Picard Bergtiger
333-ARMOR (Soft Skins, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Bill Johnson WC-63
2nd: Pat Rourke Willy Jeep
3rd: Bill Johnson MAZ-66
334-ARMOR (Fully Tracked Vehicles, Origins to 1959, Single-color, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Tom Ferris Tiger I
2nd: Richard Seay Panzer III G
3rd: Mike Picard Easy Eight Sherman
335-ARMOR (Fully Tracked Vehicles, Origins to 1959, Multi-color, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Tom Ferris Panzer IV J
2nd: Shawn Merrell Panzer II J
3rd: Russ Holm Soviet T-80
336-ARMOR (Fully Tracked Vehicles, 1960 to Present, 1/35 and Larger)
1st: Tom Ferris Egyptian JS-III M
2nd: Bill Johnson M1A2 
3rd: Matthew Neerman M1A1 AIM
402-AUTOMOTIVE (Box Stock)
1st: Jerry Caballero Shelby Cobra
2nd: Mark Shannon Leyton House Judd CG901B
3rd: Rick Willaman Red Baron Show Rod
403-AUTOMOTIVE (Street Rod (1950 & earlier)
1st: Ruben Segura 1925 Chopped Model T
2nd: Bruce Foster 1929 Ford
3rd: Chris Soefje 1941 Ford Woody Truck
404-AUTOMOTIVE (Street Machine (1951 & later)
1st: George Haines Beatnik Bandit
2nd: Jerry Caballero 1970 Monte Carlo
3rd: Vic Thomas Ford T-Bird
405-AUTOMOTIVE (Factory/Showroom Stock)
1st: Jerry Caballero 1969 Camaro
2nd: Jerry Caballero 1970 Boss Mustang
3rd: George Haines 1969 Dodge Daytona
410-AUTOMOTIVE (Competition, Drag)
1st: George Haines 1955 Chevy Altered
2nd: Jerry Caballero 1964 Dodge 330 "Maverick"
3rd: Chris Soefje Peterbilt "Shockwave"
411-AUTOMOTIVE (Competition, Closed course)
1st: Michael Poole 1963 Lotus 25 GP
2nd: Nathan Perrine 1969 Charger R/T "Dukes of Hazzard"
3rd: Stephen Stoner Porsche 911 GTR Le Mans
420-AUTOMOTIVE (Foreign and Exotic)
1st: David Hausler Mad Max Interceptor
2nd: Vic Thomas Ferrari 250 GTO
3rd: Vic Thomas Porsche 356 Touring
430-AUTOMOTIVE (Commercial Vehicles)
1st: Hugo Garcia Utility Truck
2nd: Sam Ibarra Diamond Red
3rd: Bruce Foster Toyota Work Truck w/ Tractor
431-AUTOMOTIVE (Light Truck)
1st: Michael Picard Chevy Clunker
2nd: Vic Thomas 1941 Chevy Pickup
441-AUTOMOTIVE (1/32 Scale and Smaller)
1st: Russell Mill Roger Penske Zerex Special 
450-AUTOMOTIVE (Curbside Stock)
1st: Jonathan Griffith BMW M5
451-AUTOMOTIVE (Curbside Custom)
1st: Jerry Caballero 1969 Dodge Super Bee
2nd: Vic Thomas 2007 GT500 Mustang
460-AUTOMOTIVE (Custom)
1st: Orbie McFarland 1937 Ford Coupe
2nd: Ruben Segura 1936 Ford Conversion
3rd: Rick Willaman Cola Wagon Show Rod
461-AUTOMOTIVE (Pro Street)
1st: Vic Thomas 69 Camaro
2nd: Vic Thomas Z06 Corvette
480-AUTOMOTIVE (Motorcycles)
1st: Michael Poole 1941 Indian Sport Scout
2nd: Michael Poole 1961 Tohatsu Runpet CR50
3rd: Mike Gilsbach Zundapp KS 750
501-SHIPS (Sailing and Civilian Ships)
1st: Raul Guzman Flying Cloud
2nd: Carlos Entenza South Asia River Boat
3rd: Dave Edgerly Harbor Tug "Lucy"
502-SHIPS (Surface Naval Ships)
1st: Rick Cotton USS San Francisco
2nd: Michael Haan USS Lavallette DD-448
3rd: Rick Warring USS Baltimore
502-SHIPS (Submarines)
1st: Rick Cotton Type VII U-Boat
2nd: William Keller Kaiten 1 Suicide Sub
601-SCIENCE FACT / FICTION (Science Fact: Spacecraft, Land and Research Vehicles)
1st: David Carlton Vanguard Engine Prototype
2nd: David Carlton GIRD 9
3rd: David Carlton HW-1 Herman Winkler
610-SCIENCE FACT / FICTION (Science Fiction: Land, Sea Vehicles and Suits)
1st: Michael Picard Lynx Class Scout
2nd: Tony Morgan Jagdpanzer E-25 NATO 
3rd: Vic Thomas Mad Max Roadwarrior
611-SCIENCE FACT / FICTION (Science Fiction: Flying and Space Vehicles)
1st: Michael Picard Alliance Shuttle Type 88
2nd: Eric Choy ISS Enterprise
3rd: Skip Harris Lost In Space Pod
701-FIGURES (Junior Figures: age 13-17)
1st: Kathy Kupka Dilophosaurus
2nd: Sarah Kupka Velociraptor
3rd: Sarah Kupka Velociraptor Pack
702-FIGURES (Historical Figures, Smaller than 80mm)
1st: Henry Nunez A Lucky Find
2nd: Henry Nunez SS Understurm Fuhrer
3rd: Henry Nunez Serb Sniper
703-FIGURES (Historical Figures, 80mm and Larger, and Busts)
1st: Russ Holm Spanish Knight
2nd: Bob Bethea Mujahideen
3rd: Henry Nunez Waffen SS
720-FIGURES (Dinosaurs, Reptiles and Mammals)
1st: Dick Montgomery Styracasaurus
2nd: Steve Coffey T-Rex
721-FIGURES (Science Fiction Figures / Creatures)
1st: Dave Schmidt Mille the Witch
2nd: Dave Schmidt Shh...Master's Here
3rd: Skip Harris Enemy Mine
722-FIGURES (Comic Book/Super Hero/Villain)
1st: Carlos Entenza Wolverine
2nd: Steve Coffey Knight Fall Batman
731-FIGURES (Horror Figures and Creatures)
1st: Rick Herrington The Thing
2nd: Keith Townsend Snarling Dragon
3rd: Keith Townsend 1964 Godzilla
1st: Lee Forbes Luftwaffe '46 Jets
2nd: Richard Kern Grumman Cats
3rd: Jeff Faucett Evolution of the Jolly Rogers
1st: Russ Holm CSS Pioneer Sub, German Knight, Italian Mortar
2nd: Eric Choy Nascar, Dana Murphy, Spitfire
3rd: Steve Beard Albatros DV, Tiger II, 1962 Chevy
901-DIORAMAS (Aircraft)
1st: Eric Choy "Cat On A Hot Tin Elevator"
2nd: Ronald Dickenson Bridges at Toko-ri
3rd: Ronald Dickenson F84E Thunderjet
902-DIORAMAS (Armor)
1st: Shawn Merrell "Cold Red Steel"
2nd: Lyn Julian Exploded View
3rd: Lyn Julian Ambush In Angola
903-DIORAMAS (Automotive)
1st: David Hausler "Doh!" Rules for Cutting Firewood
2nd: David Hausler De-Blinged Cadillac STS-V
904-DIORAMAS (Figures)
1st: Raul Guzman Decision at the Admiralty Board
2nd: Henry Nunez Counter Strike
3rd: Henry Nunez Cornered
905-DIORAMAS (Other)
1st: Hugo Garcia Type IXc U-Boat Tower
2nd: Carlos Entenza Kreigsmarine
3rd: Carlos Entenza The Plunder
1001-MISCELLANEOUS (Junior: age 13-17)
1st: Kevin McBrayer Battle at Salerno
2nd: Kevin McBrayer Roman Gladiators Diorama
1003-MISCELLANEOUS (All Other Subjects)
1st: Austin Armor Builders Society "Road To Berlin"
2nd: Raul Guzman Essex Fighting Top
3rd: Eric Choy World Trade Center Paper Model
Kathy Kupka Dilophosaurus
Shawn Merrell Cold Red Steel
Michael Picard Lynx Class Scout
Raul Guzman Flying Cloud
Dave Schmidt Mille the Witch
Michael Poole 1941 Indian Sport Scout
Tom Ferris Panzer IV J Beobachtungswagen
Ion Tesu MiG-21 Lancer
Jerry Caballero 1969 Dodge Super Bee
George Haines 1955 Chevy Altered 
Steve McNaughton Bell OH-13 Sioux
Lyn Julian Flak 88 
Michael Poole 1941 Indian Sport Scout